2004 Toyota Tacoma

We built this truck up from a stock 2004 TRD Tacoma to an over-landing platform to drive down to Panama and back. When the truck was first purchased it had 75,000 miles on it and we immediately put the TRD super charger and 7th injector kit in the truck.

Over the next year, we built the truck up the rest of the way for the drive down to Panama.

We spent four months living out of the truck as we made our way south. In the end, we took the Tacoma on two drives down to Panama and back in all logging more than 25,000 miles in Latin America on the road. 

Build List

  • TRD Super Charger on the engine running a small URD pulley
  • URD 7th injector kit
  • Doug Thorley headers
  • Jardine exhaust system
  • ICON 2.5” front lift kit
  • Deaver custom built rear leaf springs built for the weight of this truck
  • Firestone air bags
  • Total Chaos upper control arms
  • Tundra front brake upgrade
  • Stock rear E-Locker
  • National Luna second battery kit
  • Optima Red Top and Yellow Top batteries
  • Engel 45L fridge
  • Home built storage cubby and sleeping platform in the bed of truck
  • Pressurized twenty-gallon fresh water tank ran of a 12volt RV pump
  • ARB front bumper powder coated silver vein
  • CBI sliders and rear bumper powder coated silver vein
  • BFG All Terrain tires in 295/75R16