1975 Pinzgauer 712m

We first owned this truck in 2002 and were the second owner after it had been imported to the USA. This Pinzgauer was originally an Austrian truck which is somewhat rare for Pinzgauers, as most are Swiss trucks. The truck was purchased by Warn Industries in 1994 to be built up for racing by the owner of the company, Mike Warn in the 1994 Transylvania Trophy held in Ukraine.

The truck came with a video of the event featuring Mike and the Pinzgauer. After the event, Mike could not import the truck to the USA because it was not twenty-five years old yet so he sold it in Europe. It was used by Vince Sweeny and others in some more racing before it was used as a support vehicle for race events.

When we got the truck it still had “Adventure Morocco” stickers on the doors showing how well traveled this truck really is! We owned and did a lot of work on the truck for about four years before we sold it locally in Wyoming. We then purchased the truck again in 2012 doing more work to it before trading the truck to Georg Esterer at Valley Hybrids out in California.

This was a very unique vehicle that we had a lot of fun working on as well as taking out into the backcountry!

Build Facts

  • Four cylinder air-cooled engine
  • Five-speed transmission
  • Six wheel drive
  • Locking differentials at all three axles
  • Portal axles with independent suspension
  • Super Swamper Bogger tires in 33×10.5R16
  • Exo-cage over the cab with a snorkel built into the cage
  • Recaro seating for six people
  • Aluminum storage boxes in the rear
  • Exacution-2 differentials
  • Petronix ignition