1984 FJ60 V8 Land Cruiser

When we got this truck it already had the v8 in it, but it had some cooling issues and the suspension was old and tired. The tires were also mounted to a 10” wide wheel causing rubbing in the rear wheel well under flex.

We resolved the cooling issues with a custom fan shroud. We then replaced the wheels and tires to get the back spacing and width correct. We did a lot of work to the suspension and steering to make this one very nice riding FJ60. We performed a cut and turn on the front axle to set caster where we wanted it.

Along with some other upgrades and modifications to the steering and suspension, the truck came out fantastic. Not only would it flex very well off-road it also drove extremely well down the road. We had zero tire rub, the truck tracked straight down the road with no bump steer or wandering and it was a Cadillac off-road.

Probably the best riding and driving leaf sprung truck we have ever had. The v8 along with the Ranger OD box made this truck a lot of fun to drive.

This was one of our favorite Land Cruisers yet!

Build List

  • GM Ramjet 350 v8 engine
  • Advanced Adapters Ranger Overdrive gear box
  • Stock H42 4spd transmission
  • Stock two-speed split transfer case
  • FJ62 differential 3rd members with 4.11 gears
  • ARB Air Lockers front & rear
  • Old Man Emu lift kit
  • Man-A-Fre shackle reversal kit
  • Marlin Crawler high steer kit
  • LRA 38-gallon fuel tank
  • ARB front bumper with generic 10,000lbs winch
  • Kaymar rear bumper
  • SOR vinyl seat coverings and vinyl Aussie floor
  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires in 35”x12.5”xR16
  • Mickey Thompson Classic Two wheels in 16”x8.5” with a 3.65” b/s