Our Partners

SN Land Cruisers partners with other reputable Land Cruiser business in the U.S. including Cruiser Brothers, Yota Lockers, and Terrain Tamer.

Our Partners

We work with several well known and reputable Land Cruiser businesses in the United States. Through our partners, we are able to provide you with parts and upgrades for your truck. We generally only offer this service to our customers who buy trucks from us. E-Lockers, suspension kits, brake upgrades and much more are available! We use these vendors for all our own Land Cruisers that we own and drive.




For all your Land Cruiser service and upgrade needs that we can not handle we suggest using Valley Hybrids located in Stockton, California. Valley Hybrids has been working on Land Cruisers for many years and is a Land Cruiser specific shop meaning they only work on Land Cruisers!

Valley Hybrids
1038 West Fremont Street
Stockton, California 95203
Georg Esterer: georg@cruiserbrothers.com
Clint Ferguson: clint@cruiserbrothers.com