Past Cruisers

Browse our past vehicles to see a highlight reel of the best Land Cruisers and trucks our team has located or built up throughout the years.

1984 FJ60 V8 Land Cruiser

When we got this truck it already had the v8 in it, but it had some cooling issues and the suspension was old and tired. The tires were also mounted to a 10” wide wheel causing rubbing in the rear wheel well under flex. We resolved the cooling issues with a custom fan shroud. We then replaced the wheels and tires to get the back spacing and width correct. We did a lot of work to the suspension and steering to make this one very nice riding FJ60. We performed a cut and turn on the front axle to set caster where we wanted it. Along with some other upgrades and modifications to the steering and suspension, the truck came out fantastic. Not only would it flex very well off-road it also drove extremely well down the road. We had zero tire rub, the truck tracked straight down the road with no bump steer or wandering and it was a Cadillac off-road. Probably the best riding and driving leaf sprung truck we have ever had. The v8 along with the Ranger OD box made this truck a lot of fun to drive. This was one of our favorite Land Cruisers yet! 

  • GM Ramjet 350 v8 engine
  • Advanced Adapters Ranger Overdrive gear box
  • Stock H42 4spd transmission
  • Stock two-speed split transfer case
  • FJ62 differential 3rd members with 4.11 gears
  • ARB Air Lockers front & rear
  • Old Man Emu lift kit
  • Man-A-Fre shackle reversal kit
  • Marlin Crawler high steer kit
  • LRA 38-gallon fuel tank
  • ARB front bumper with generic 10,000lbs winch
  • Kaymar rear bumper
  • SOR vinyl seat coverings and vinyl Aussie floor
  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires in 35”x12.5”xR16
  • Mickey Thompson Classic Two wheels in 16”x8.5” with a 3.65” b/s

1988 FJ142 Land Cruiser

We built this truck using a very clean 1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser with a blown engine. We combined that with a very clean and built up FZJ80 chassis in order to create an FJ142 (62+80)! To get the wheelbase to match from 80-series chassis to 60-series body we shortened the frame on the 80-series by five inches. Most people who have done this decide to shorten the frame in front of the rear control arm mount where the frame is actually not on a straight angle. We decided to cut out the five inches of the frame where the control arm mount is located since this is the straightest location on the frame to work with for the swap. We removed the control arm mount carefully to do this and then welded it back on the frame after the shorten had been performed. By combining the FJ62 and the 80-series chassis we feel the best of both generations has been retained. You get the classic FJ62 Land Cruiser with the better and updated chassis using coil sprung suspension. This was one of the most enjoyable projects we have undertaken to date. 

  • GM LQ4 6L v8 engine
  • GM 4L80e automatic transmission
  • HF2A Non-vicious coupling transfer case from an FJ80
  • FZJ80 E-Locking axles using a Low Range Off-Road kit to run them
  • SLEE 4” lift kit with adjustable panhard bars
  • Custom made rear lower control arms, made from Johnny Joints and solid 2” 7075 aluminum 

1991 F(Z)J80 V8 Land Cruiser

We got this truck in a trade with the v8 already in it and it had an Old Man Emu lift on it, but otherwise, it was a stock FJ80 Land Cruiser. We did all the “overland” build to the truck in addition to getting the FZJ80 locked axles wired up and working. A lot of work was done to the body and interior in this build as well as with things like suspension, steering and more. We took this truck to King of the Hammers one year and also on many fun camping and off-roading trips. The best trip we had the truck on though was a three-week drive down to the tip of the Baja Peninsula, where we camped out of the back of the truck for the entire time. 

  • GM 5.7L v8 engine
  • GM 4L60e automatic transmission
  • FJ60 split transfer case
  • FZJ80 E-Locking axles using a Low Range Off-Road kit to run them
  • SLEE 4” lift kit with FOX remote reservoir shocks
  • SLEE Shortbus front bumper
  • CBI step sliders
  • Trail Tailored rear bumper
  • Warn 9.5XPs winch with Factor 55 Flatlink
  • Ridged Industries 14” LED light bar
  • National Luna second battery kit
  • Engel 45L fridge
  • Home made rear sleeping platform/storage cubby
  • Odyssey 1600 and 1200 batteries 

2000 Toyota UZJ100 Land Cruiser

We built this truck up from a stock 2000 UZJ100 Land Cruiser with 124,000 miles on it. We built this truck to drive down to Latin America, which we did in the Cruiser over five month! Fifteen thousand miles covered and we made it all the way to Panama and back in the truck without any problems! Highlights of the trip were Baja, San Luis Potosi and Guanjuato in Mexico as well as Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. The bumpers we modified to accept hammock poles and Ian spent many nights sleeping off the side of the truck under the stars on the trip! Maintenance on the truck during the trip was performed by Ian who was carrying the spare parts and tools. 

  • Stock 4.7L v8 engine
  • Harrop E-Lockers front and rear using an FZJ80 switch
  • Old Manu Emu 2.5” lift kit
  • Light Racing upper control arms
  • Terrain Tamer brake rotors and pads
  • Safari Snorkel
  • ARB differential breather kit
  • SLEE full belly skid kit
  • SLEE Blueberry front bumper
  • SLEE step sliders
  • SLEE rear bumper with Jerry can carrier
  • Warn 9.5XPs winch on wireless control with Factor 55 Flatlink
  • Ridged Industries 14” LED light bar
  • National Luna second battery kit
  • Engel 45L fridge
  • Front Runner Slimline2 full-length roof rack with stainless steel camp table
  • Front Runner Cub Pack drawer system
  • Tembo Tusk drop down fridge slide
  • Scangauge 2
  • Baja Designs auxiliary camp lights
  • Escape Gear seat covers
  • Eezi-Awn Manta 270* awning
  • Roadshower mounted to roof rack
  • Front Runner BBQ
  • XS Power batteries 

1983 Nissan Patrol Turbo Diesel Rock Crawler

We bought this truck back in 2004 in Southern California. This is a non-USA market truck and was never sold in this country by Nissan. It was 100% stock at that time we bought it! The story went, that the original owner imported it from Germany when he moved to the USA in the mid-to-late 1980’s. We bought the truck from the second owner. Over more than five years we built the truck up and kept upgrading its components after each build. We took this truck on off-road trips in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Arizona. It was an incredible machine and well known by Patrol owners around the world! 

  • SD33T diesel engine that is turbo and super charged, two intercoolers, many upgrades to this engine
  • NV4500 5spd transmission using an IH Scout adapter to mate to the engine
  • Atlas 2-speed transfer case
  • Portal-Tek G3 portal axles
  • ARB lockers front and rear
  • 4-link triangulated rear suspension and 3-link front suspension using 2” 7075 solid aluminum links and 1.25” rods ends
  • Ballistic 16” coil over shocks
  • Wilwood brakes with cutting brakes on the rear axle
  • Full hydraulic steering
  • Master Craft 3G seats
  • Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires in 40x13.5R17 mounted on Walker Evans bead-locks

2004 Toyota Tacoma

We built this truck up from a stock 2004 TRD Tacoma to an over-landing platform to drive down to Panama and back. When the truck was first purchased it had 75,000 miles on it and we immediately put the TRD super charger and 7th injector kit in the truck. Over the next year, we built the truck up the rest of the way for the drive down to Panama. We spent four months living out of the truck as we made our way south. In the end, we took the Tacoma on two drives down to Panama and back in all logging more than 25,000 miles in Latin America on the road. 

  • TRD Super Charger on the engine running a small URD pulley
  • URD 7th injector kit
  • Doug Thorley headers
  • Jardine exhaust system
  • ICON 2.5” front lift kit
  • Deaver custom built rear leaf springs built for the weight of this truck
  • Firestone air bags
  • Total Chaos upper control arms
  • Tundra front brake upgrade
  • Stock rear E-Locker
  • National Luna second battery kit
  • Optima Red Top and Yellow Top batteries
  • Engel 45L fridge
  • Home built storage cubby and sleeping platform in the bed of truck
  • Pressurized twenty-gallon fresh water tank ran of a 12volt RV pump
  • ARB front bumper powder coated silver vein
  • CBI sliders and rear bumper powder coated silver vein
  • BFG All Terrain tires in 295/75R16 

1975 Pinzgauer 712m

We first owned this truck in 2002 and were the second owner after it had been imported to the USA. This Pinzgauer was originally an Austrian truck which is somewhat rare for Pinzgauers, as most are Swiss trucks. The truck was purchased by Warn Industries in 1994 to be built up for racing by the owner of the company, Mike Warn in the 1994 Transylvania Trophy held in Ukraine. The truck came with a video of the event featuring Mike and the Pinzgauer. After the event, Mike could not import the truck to the USA because it was not twenty-five years old yet so he sold it in Europe. It was used by Vince Sweeny and others in some more racing before it was used as a support vehicle for race events. When we got the truck it still had “Adventure Morocco” stickers on the doors showing how well traveled this truck really is! We owned and did a lot of work on the truck for about four years before we sold it locally in Wyoming. We then purchased the truck again in 2012 doing more work to it before trading the truck to Georg Esterer at Valley Hybrids out in California. This was a very unique vehicle that we had a lot of fun working on as well as taking out into the backcountry! 

  • Four cylinder air-cooled engine
  • Five-speed transmission
  • Six wheel drive
  • Locking differentials at all three axles
  • Portal axles with independent suspension
  • Super Swamper Bogger tires in 33x10.5R16
  • Exo-cage over the cab with a snorkel built into the cage
  • Recaro seating for six people
  • Aluminum storage boxes in the rear
  • Exacution-2 differentials
  • Petronix ignition