Models We Offer

SN Land Cruisers offers a variety of Land Cruiser models including the HZJ75, HZJ70, PZJ70, BJ70, FJ73, and much more. We also accept special requests.

Models We Offer

  • HJ75 & HZJ75 Troop Carriers, 2H and 1HZ diesel engines
  • HJ75 & HZJ75 Pickups, 2H and 1HZ diesel engines
  • HZJ70 Short Wheel base, 1HZ diesel engine
  • PZJ70 Short Wheel Base, 1PZ diesel engine
  • BJ70 Short Wheel Base, 3B diesel engine
  • FJ73 & BJ73 Medium Wheel Base, petrol and diesel engines
  • BJ42 Short Wheel Base, 3B diesel engine
  • HJ47 Pickups & Troop Carriers, 2H diesel engines
  • HDJ80 with the 1HDT turbo diesel engine
  • HJ60 & HJ62 Wagons with 2H engine

We can also source other models under special requests such as the LJ73 and LJ77 light duty Land Cruisers. We can source the HJ80-series as well with a 1HZ engine. We only focus on these models by special request. All Land Cruisers will have a four speed or five-speed manual transmission with the exception being very few HDJ80’s that may have an automatic.

We can upgrade many components and add a variety of options to the trucks after purchase. Such as turbo kits, locking differentials, suspension lifts, aftermarket bumpers, rock sliders and more! Please email us for more information and a price quotation. We can build your dream Land Cruiser which can include v8 or diesel engine swaps, paint and body work, custom suspension, custom bumpers, Overland type outfitting, differential lockers and much more. 

We also from time to time offer parts in the way of complete engines and transmissions, air conditioning components and so forth.

Please Note: We only import and source 25-year or older Land Cruisers. Some models can be extremely difficult to find. Very few of the trucks we can source have factory differential lockers. At this time we are a very small operation with Ian Westmoreland currently doing all Land Cruiser hunting, all work on the trucks and personally arranging plus overseeing transports so we please ask for your patience to inquiries.