Why do you source Land Cruisers in Left Hand Drive (LHD)?
All of our Land Cruisers are Left Hand Drive, unlike models you will find in other parts of the world. We feel strongly that in a LHD or RHD country you should drive a vehicle designed for use in these countries. For us, it comes down to safety. You are meant to be seated and driving from the center of the road not the shoulder side. This is for you the driver having a good field of vision down the road be it for oncoming traffic or otherwise. In either a RHD or LHD country this is the case, you drive and sit in the centerline of the road, it is only when we try and drive a RHD vehicle in a LHD country that it becomes a problem. 
Are your Land Cruisers titled in the United States?
All Land Cruisers we import are titled and come with a clean United States title. It is up to you to find out if the truck you are considering meets your local smog regulations and requirements.
Do you accept special requests?
Yes, we accept special requests. Please contact us for more information.
Why don't you import newer model Land Cruisers?
Because of the Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act, importing any car less than 25 years old is prohibited. Every Land Cruiser we import is at least 25 years old.

Please Note: We highly suggest you educate yourself in the specific models of Land Cruisers you might be interested in before purchase or inquiry. There are many models of Land Cruisers that have been made in over the last sixty years! We highly suggest joining the discussion forum iH8Mud.com to further educate yourself on all things Toyota Land Cruiser! IH8Mud.com is the largest Toyota Land Cruiser discussion forum in the world with a vast amount of information and many active members. Ian Westmoreland has been an active member on iH8Mud.com since 2004 and South to North Land Cruisers is a supporting vendor on the forum under the alias RMP&O. The Face Book page Toyota Land Cruiser Association is also a good resource to ask questions and learn more about these amazing trucks.