Our Cruisers

Learn more about our process of locating and grading Land Cruisers we acquire from around the world.

Our Cruisers

All our trucks are left-hand drive and we feel this sets us apart from most of the other Land Cruisers being imported into the country. All our trucks come with a US title and customs clearance papers.

With the twenty-five year rule in place by the EPA and DOT concerning vehicle importation, we currently only import trucks twenty-five years old or older. Predominately we focus on Toyota Land Cruisers that are non-US spec trucks. We feel the truck should speak for itself and not need a lot of talking up. We believe in representing the truck for what it is: if it has rust we are not going to try and hide that from our customers.

All our trucks come from inland areas and we do not search for trucks in coastal areas. We have a workshop overseas where we inspect and repair the trucks before bringing them up here. This work is generally performed by the owner of the business, Ian Westmoreland. From time to time Ian drives one of the trucks he imports back to the United States so they must be able to do a five thousand mile drive with no issues. We also perform work on the trucks after they arrive in the United States. Being Land Cruisers from desert and tropical climates most have factory A/C fitted to them.

The majority of these trucks have a manual transmission and a diesel engine. A few variations are available with factory turbo’s such as the 1HDT diesel and the HJ80-series can be found in an automatic transmission. All 70-series Land Cruisers we can source come with manual transmissions.

Not every Land Cruiser we import or sell will be perfect. These are twenty-five year old or older trucks that have been used and are used vehicles. We strive to find the best trucks we can but also feel not everyone can afford the cream of the crop so we also try to fill a more diverse budget. All our trucks are hand picked by Ian Westmoreland who has a vast background in Land Cruisers. All trucks go through a baselining process after purchase by us.

Some trucks we invest a larger amount of our own money into because we are Land Cruiser enthusiasts ourselves! We use these trucks the same way you, the client, uses them and we drive them every day. We are not just Land Cruiser importers, we are also end users just like you. We also enjoy building them, so from time to time, we do upgrades on our trucks in the way of bumpers, sliders, lifts, tires, wheels, turbos and more.

Our inspection process is as follows:

The body is checked for rust and body filler. We use a body filler detector to know exactly where and how thick the body filler is if present. Being familiar with Land Cruisers, Ian is quickly and easily able to identify rusty problem areas on trucks. Most of these trucks rust in the same locations such as around rear seat mounts, floor pans, wheel wells or roof gutter rails. The frame is inspected for rust and rot as well as damage or previous modifications. All of the mechanical components are checked over, as well as an engine compression test performed.

Our baselining process is as follows;

Once a truck has been purchased by us it goes through a baselining process and any needed mechanical repairs performed. Baselining consists of changing all fluids, flushing the cooling system and installing fresh coolant, flushing and replacing brake fluid, new power steering fluid, new gear oil in differentials, transmission fluid and engine oil changed and factory filters installed. The chassis is also greased. Common repairs that we perform on trucks are we purchase are front axle knuckle rebuilds, diff pinion seals, new steering components, new brakes, clutches, timing belts and water pumps.