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South to North Land Cruisers locates and hand picks Toyota Land Cruisers from around the world. Unlike most other Land Cruisers being imported to the United States, all of our trucks are left hand drive. Most of our trucks have diesel engines with manual transmissions, part time 4wd and include factory air conditioning. Other options can include heavy duty full float rear axles, power steering, power boosted brakes and more.

04/1990 PZJ70 LX Short Wheel Base Toyota Land Cruiser - SOLD

  • 1PZ diesel engine
  • Five speed transmission
  • Two speed transfer case with vacuum actuated push button 4wd. 
  • Tan interior
  • Champagne/gold paint
  • Factory Air Conditioning
  • Full float rear axle with Limited Slip Differential, 4.56 factory differential gears 
  • 212,000 original miles

This truck has undergone the following work, all parts are OEM Toyota unless otherwise noted;

  • New Mickey Thompson Classic 2 wheels in 15x8". New BF Goodrich KO2 tires in 33x10.5R15. 
  • New timing belt & tensioner, timing gear case reseal - new OEM seals on injection pump drive gear, crank pulley, cam gear & vacuum pump. At the same time a new OEM o-ring was installed on the vacuum pump. FIPG sealant used to seal the appropiate areas on the case. 
  • New radiator, water pump, thermostat, upper & lower radiator hoses, radiator cap, upper & lower water outlets and Toyota Red Coolant. Radiator is aftermarket, the rest of the parts are OEM Toyota. Coolant tested and good to -40*F.
  • New Terrain Tamer slotted and vented front disc brake rotors and new pads.
  • New parking brake cable. 
  • Complete new rear bumper. 
  • New power steering pump reservoir. 
  • New fan belts.
  • New air filter, new air filter housing seals and cap nut, cleaned and serviced air filter housing. 
  • New oil filter and fresh engine oil. Castrol CRB Plus 15W-40.
  • Full front outer axle rebuild, free wheeling hubs also torn down, cleaned, painted and rebuilt. 
  • New front wheel studs pressed into the hub.
  • New front leaf springs, shackles, pins and bushings. Bushings are OEM and the rest is aftermarket.
  • New transmission top cover shifter assembly.
  • Both front and rear alxe breathers cleaned and serviced.
  • New wiper blades, Bosch.
  • New rear brake wheel cylinders. 
  • New oil pan drain plug and crush washer. Oil pan also cleaned and resealed to the block using FIPG.
  • New front axle outer rubber brake lines.
  • New gear oil in differentials, transmission and transfer case. The rear axle got LSD gear oil. 
  • New door/interior cards and fresh stuffings on sthe seat bottoms. 
  • New battery and modified battery tray to hold a large battery. 
  • New brake, power steering and clutch fluids. 
  • LED interior light and gauge cluster bulbs. 
  • New overheadlight switches for both doors. 
  • New oil filter cap in the valve cover and a new valve cover gasket.
  • New brake light switch. 
  • New grill and front turn signal/running lights in black. 
  • New outside mirrors in black. 




05/1984 HJ47 Land Cruiser Pickup - SOLD

  • 2H engine diesel
  • Four speed transmission
  • Blue paint
  • Restored interior
  • 145,000 original miles

This truck is sold!